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HaxeDevelop / FlashDevelop is the recommended IDE for Haxe development. You can download the latest version from or you can take a look at our development branch with many bug fixes and improvements.

hexDevelop Package


You can download the latest version directly from DoclerLabs Github

The hexDevelop package contains some code templates, plugins and a project template for hexMachina:

Project template

The project template allows you to create a new hexMachina project within seconds in HaxeDevelop / FlashDevelop.

Code templates

The code templates help to reduce boilerplate code and allow to automatically generate Modules, Models, IViews and much more directly in HaxeDevelop / FlashDevelop.

hexUnit plugin

The hexUnit plugin adds unit testing within HaxeDevelop / FlashDevelop. This way, you can run your unit tests within your favourite IDE and look at the nicely formatted results.

DSLCompletion plugin

The DSLCompletion plugin allows many things that work within Haxe code to work in DSL too.


Auto-completion type in DSL

Auto-import haxe classes in DSL

Goto haxe class definition from DSL

Goto method-call definition from DSL

Goto static-ref definition from DSL

Open DSL file from haxe class

Open DSL file from another DSL

Yeoman plugin

The Yeoman plugin allows to run Yeoman generators from within HaxeDevelop / FlashDevelop. To use it, just right click any folder and select "Add" -> "New Yeoman File".

After that, you should be asked to select a generator.

Yeoman templates

Also, there is a Yeoman generator available to ease creating new projects:


First of all, you need Node.js and npm (automatically installed with Node.js). After that, you just install "yo":

npm install -g yo

The last thing you have to install is the generator itself, so just run:

npm install -g


Just run one of the following commands in a terminal / console window (or even better, from within HaxeDevelop / FlashDevelop using the Yeoman plugin) and follow the instructions.

Generating a project

If you want to generate a project, you just run:

yo hex:project

Generating files

You can generate the following files within an existing project.
Make sure to run them from within the directory you want to create them in (usually a subfolder of your source folder).


yo hex:module


yo hex:model


yo hex:viewhelper

hexDevelop Package

The Yeoman templates are configured to work best, when run from the hexDevelop package.