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hexMachina on Web Unleashed 2016 - Extending JS

Francis Bourre will talk at Toronto on October for Web Unleashed 2016

Web Unleashed 2016 October 3-4

Extending JS


React, Angular, TypeScript… Over the past few years, all these names took part in a fashionable phenomenon, pushed by the big names of the web industry. But what if a parallel world exists beyond this marketed mirror? A better world where you can easily build flexible applications with reusable components.


Bourre will explain the right philosophy for building flexible applications with reusable components. As well, he will showcase the right tools to better achieve this goal with the dark side of the force.

Target Audience

Every developer who wants to share some inspiration about code design and push forward the limits of the JS eco-system.

Assumed Audience Knowledge

Devs that have already dealt with long life-cycle scalability and maintainability.

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  • Build modular and cross-platform applications
  • Create configurable architectures driven by DSL
  • Separate configurability from reusability
  • Design by contract with dependency injection
  • Use Haxe metaprogramming to boost code performances